The 500g or 1kg bags are filled with small lead balls and are therefore very flexible. This allows the bags to take the shape of the girth and not get in the way of the horse. These weights are suitable for weighting the KALAH Lestable strap:

The strap
is a breathable, anti-irritation neoprene sling. Designed for endurance, the pockets in the straps don’t interfere with the horse’s movements and can be weighted with lead weights up to 4kg, depending on the size of the strap. Its design ensures optimum pressure distribution and maximum comfort for the horse during work, thanks to the nylon inside the girth.

The KALAH Lestable strap can be weighted up to 4KG depending on the size of the strap:

Up to 3 kg for the 45cm strap.
Up to 3.5 kg for the 50cm strap.
Up to 4 kg for straps 55cm and over.

Weight N/A
Weight (in grams)

1000g, 500g


Water-based cleaning, quick drying


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Weight for KALAH Lestable strap
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